ZZCASE Ebony & Ivory iPhone 4/4S Grip Case @ Private Cona

The modern piano developed in the early 19 century. It uses the same chromatic keyboard layout as these earlier instruments, and it can have different characteristics, but a black-and-white chromatic layout is most common.

The classic acoustic piano keyboard has seven octaves of black and white keys, laid out chromatically. Whether the piano is an upright or a grand piano, the keyboard layout and size will almost always be the same. Older piano keyboards were traditionally made from ivory and/or ebony, but modern pianos are usually made with plastic key tops (a plastic coating over a wooden key), or an imitation ivory material called ivorene.

Ebony is a dense black wood.  A hard, heavy, durable wood, it looks lustrous black.  Ivory is a term for dentine, most of the time used as a material for art or manufacturing.  It has availed itself to many ornamental and practical uses.

Ebony & Ivory

In the early in February, ZZCASE released an Apple iPhone 4S grip case which inspired from the piano keyboard, Ebony & Ivory iPhone 4/4S Grip Case.

Ebony & Ivory grip case has designed the exterior with the protective UV varnishes and lacquers provide naturally higher gloss and rub/scratch resistance on this exquisite grip case.

Ebony & Ivory grip case compatible with all the iPhone 4/4S models, including black iPhone 4/4S, white iPhone 4/4S, GPRS and CDMA.  It is a snap-to-fit hard grip case which made of reinforced polycarbonate plastic, the suede lining features given an extra protection, and easy to access to all ports and functions to your device.


Item Code:
Ebony  ZZ1094-PBK008
Ivory  ZZ1094-PWH003

*interested please contact pvcona@gmail.com!

details refers HERE


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