Merging the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air to create one single model?

Coming together? Next-gen MacBook Pro said to resemble MacBook Air

Is the MacBook Pro slowly morphing into the MacBook Air? If the latest reports are to be believed, it certainly looks like things are heading that way.

According to Apple Insider’s unnamed source, the next iteration of the Cupertino company’s MacBook Pro line-up will be radically different from the current design, featuring ultra-thin unibody casing. As with the Air, this would mean the absence of an optical disk drive, a loss which may upset some users.

The new design would also incorporate flash-memory solid state drives and better battery life. As with the Air and Intel’s new Ultrabook class of computers, it’s believed the next-generation MacBook Pro laptop will come with instant-on capability, enabling it to boot up in a matter of seconds.

Apple Insider said it believes the overhaul of the MacBook Pro will be prioritized, with the higher-volume 15-inch model being rolled out first and the 17-inch model following soon after.

As for a launch date, a report late last year suggested Apple was planning to unveil a new ultra-thin laptop in the spring of this year, though at the time it wasn’t clear if it was going to be a new Air design or a radical overhaul of the MacBook Pro. Judging by today’s news, it could well be the latter.

It’s certainly an interesting idea that the next-generation MacBook Pro could look very much like the MacBook Air. What would you say the chances are of Apple, in the not-too-distant future, merging the Pro and the Air to create one single model? Thin, portable and powerful, such a device could well leave competing computer companies with a big problem on their hands.



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