How to: Block calls on an Apple iPhone

Sometimes you just don’t want people calling you, from telemarketers to former relationships and even that crazy uncle that no one in the family really wants to talk to. Learn how to block calls on an iPhone to solve all your caller woes.

Unfortunately, if you have an Apple iPhone there is no native option to block incoming calls. If you want to get an app that blocks calls you’ll have to jailbreak your phone. If you’d like to jailbreak your iPhone we recommend PC World’s breakdown which has options for every version of the iPhone.

Now that you have a jailbroken iPhone we recommend the app called iBlacklist. This particular app allows you block calls and SMS from individuals as well as callers using blocked or unknown numbers. iBlacklist costs $12.99 and isn’t on the Apple store. You’ll need Cydia, which is an alternative app store for jailbroken iPhones.

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Okay, lets get to blocking some people –

1. Tap the Cydia icon on your phone. Once Cydia is open type iBlacklist into the search bar. Select it when it comes up on the search list.

2. Follow the instructions to download and pay for iBlacklist. After its done downloading click “Close Window” to close Cydia and return to your homescreen.

3. Scroll through your apps to find the iBlacklist icon and open up the app.

4. In the main menu click “Blacklists”. This will show you the current lists of blacklisted groups and numbers. To add a new number tap ‘Add new Blacklist’.

5. You’ll have to choose between adding a number from your contact list, recent call list, recent message list or if you want to manually add a number. If you do choose to add an existing contact, you’ll be prompted to select the contact from whichever list you selected. However, if you manually enter it you’ll need to name the contact along with putting the number in.

6. After you’ve entered the contact to be blocked look for the red call icon on the configuration role. Set the switch to “On”. They will now be blocked. You can also block SMS messages by swyping the “On” switch next to the red message icon.

7. Now you’ll need to tap “Action to be performed” and choose what you want to happen to the call. You can choose between having the call go straight to voice mail, automatically hung up on, to receive a busy signal or to be blocked without your phone ringing. Click the blue button to add the contact to your blacklist. The changes will be saved.

Now, that individual or group is blocked.

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