Create your graphics with Samsung GALAXY Note

Create your graphics with Samsung GALAXY Note

More hi-tech, the more comfortable people’s lives. But human have to step backwards since the mobile phone has been developed nowadays. What does it mean? How simple, such as text insert with whatever language or voice message, but thousands of years of writing culture, just like nothing. However, Samsung GALAXY Note allows the touching pen, painting and writing with new Samsung ups, imitation pens, brushes, crayons…etc.., 5.3 inch large screen is quite a surprise.

5.3-inch large-screen visual

GALAXY Note equipped with 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED screen can display 16.7 million colors and supports 1280 × 800 pixels, providing a temporary cell phone on the market the highest quality visual experience (iPhone 4S 3.5-inch screen is only 960 × 640 pixels, HTC Sensation XL is only 4.7 inch 800 × 480 pixels). Grip the GALAXY Note in your hand, it might be too big between tablet PCs and smart phones, just like a mini PC, but using the Android2.3.5operating system, to expand the functionality to apps.  Large screen to provide the most comfortable visual enjoyment, at least, viewing web page or e-books do not have to enlarge.  Although it has a huge 5.3 inch Mount, but thickness just9.65mm, and weighs and178gonly, not too heavy, suitable put on the pants or shirt bags.

Uniquely created S Pen writing drawing puzzle

Samsung uniquely created S Pen technology for a new controlling experience, GALAXY Note also containing S Pen body touch pen, combined a mobile phone (PDA Phone) creative elements and advanced technology with a smart phones, given the latest strongest handwriting functional to the users:  Screen Capture easily capture screen images and, Cut & Paste cut image, as well as writing and drawing capabilities. In addition to built-in designated “S Memo” notebooks and “S Planner” schedule, but with S Pen of new writing and drawing apps include OmniSketch, Zen Brush, Hello Crayon, can be described as a portrait, drawing or playing games, gadgets much more than the number of mobile puzzle, interested better pay your attention to it

A long lastingBattery

GALAXY Note the use of ultra-high capacity 2500mAh battery, providing longer life, connect with the apps, text message, film and songs, the battery passing through the examined (no use of GPS and Wi-Fi test), up to 13.5 hours air time (3G mode), better than the Samsung GALAXY SII for 10 hours (3G mode) and the iPhone 4S for 8 hours, spare battery (battery back-up support) when you are outing needlessly.


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  1. Yeah i love your ideas.

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