Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Delayed until 2 December

Fandroids hoping to get their first taste of Android Ice Cream Sandwich next week courtesy of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus may have to wait a bit longer, if the updated listing on is anything to go by.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Delayed until 2 December

The e-retail giant has altered its Galaxy Nexus page and is now stating: “This item is due to be released on December 2, 2011.

Samsung had previously declared a UK release date of 17 November for the handset, a device that will début Google’s Android 4.0 operating system. is listing the new flagship phone at £549.99 without SIM and, when it does go on sale it should fly off the shelves thanks to its impressive spec sheet which includes a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display at 720p resolution and a 1.2GHz dual core processor.

We’ve contacted our pals at Samsung to get the official word on Amazon’s delayed date and were told that nothing had been officially altered yet. We’ll let you know as and when we hear more.


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