Person of the Year

I believe that nobody will disagree with Steve Jobs is the “Person of the Year” in 2011. Since he was a great inventor, many great and convenience devices to turn up because of him.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs spotted smiling at California campus





He has managed and leading up the whole Apple ran out of the sinking business, therefore, we glad for Mr. Jobs’ willpower and hard working to hold on straight until the very last moment before he passed away, and even he has well prepared how does Apple going for the next couple of years.

Steve Jobs, he not only changed the world, but “gave us that spirit again that something was possible.”
If chosen, Jobs would be the first person to receive the award posthumously. Does he deserve it?To say that Jobs “‘changed the world’ isn’t hyperbole?”  I can say, “Certainly, he did it!!”  It’s nearly impossible to imagine [the world] without a personal computing!

According to Walter Isaacson’s bio, Jobs thought he would win in 1982 for his work on the Macintosh. Instead, the award went to “the computer” as “‘Machine’ of the Year,” and TIME wrote a negative profile of Jobs that left the tech titan in tears. Now, almost 30 years later, it’s time he finally won.

“Will Steve Jobs be TIME’s next Person of the Year?”


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