ZZCASE iPad 2 case cover – TMC11

ZZCASE uniquely designed the Apple iPad 2 case earlier on, which is a case connected with magnetic closure cover in one piece, it particularly supports rapid sleeps and awake function, just like the Apple Smart Cover.


The TMC11 case cover protects the iPad 2 for the optimal manner, it is made of a durable material, it specially designs for the iPad 2 to stand on a multi angle of watching videos, typing, sending email or even chatting with your family or friends, it has a great hand feeling for handy reading as well.

Classic Carbon Fiber pattern featured designs on the magnetic cover, moreover, cover available in black colour and white colour. Cutouts accurately opening for all accessories are very practicability.

If you want it for your Christmas gift or either your family and friends, hurry up, simply place your order at pvcona@gmail.com and quote for the shipment information.

usd45.00/@ + shipping fee (Register Airmail, EMS, DHL)

White Cover Item Code:

Black Cover Item Code:


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