ZZCASE: Red Bow Tie leather sleeve for iPad / iPad 2

Protect your iPad / iPad 2 with high quality synthetic leather and come with sliding system inside which provide the best protection.

– designed for iPad 2 with Smart Cover
– compatible with iPad (old)
– ease of use, slip-in pouch case
– come with sliding system inside, pull out your iPad from the exclusive slider
– magnet flip closure
– protect your iPad / iPad 2 in an optimal manner
– durable and high quality synthetic leather made
– carbon fiber pattern in colour black and white
– physical size : 20.5 cm x 25.5 cm

Item Code:
ZZ802-LWH005(white carbon)
ZZ802-LBK004(black carbon)


*interested please pm or email to pvcona@gmail.com to place your order. ^v^

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